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On-Demand Webinars

Summer Webinar Series: Take a New Perspective on Compliance

Site Perspective — What sites really think of your study processes

Learn how to include local site reality in how you design your study. In this session you will get the chance to hear from experienced site coordinators about what sites really think of your study processes. This will include how to keep you study moving during the COVID-19 pandemic.

ClinOps Perspective — So, Oversight When You Can't Visit Sites, Eh?

So, Clinical Operations when you can't actually visit your sites! As if running international GCP trials wasn't complex enough suddenly we can't visit sites like we are used to.

Inspection Perspective — Tales From a Recent FDA Inspection

The expectations of regulatory inspectors are rising over time - requirements are getting tighter and sponsors are expected to make better use of their systems and data. Our speaker has very relevant experience from hosting an FDA inspection (2019) where this reality was clearly illustrated.

Featured On Demand Webinars

Unified Collaboration & Quality for a Paradigm-Shifting Study: Beat AML

To advance science, we need to work together!  The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) launched the Beat AML study. This webinar demonstrates how the myClin platform is connecting leading cancer centers, a CRO, a genomics company and major biopharmaceutical companies.

Meet the Modern Oversight: Simple & Automated

Oversight activity needs to be documented on a continuous basis as clinical studies proceed through planning, execution and closeout. Well said. That’s the theory. In the real world, Oversight often comes as an additional workflow, a disruptive force that can sometimes slow down your study.


Use Cases

Study Operations – How myClin Streamlines Study Execution

Read this paper from our Use Case Series to understand how myClin can not only streamline the communication with clinical sites, but also dramatically increase engagement and compliance. myClin can positively impact the study execution while providing with the best documented, data-driven clinical trial oversight.

Build A Key Opinion Leader (KOL) Community On myClin

myClin, the leading Clinical Trial Knowledge Platform, allows for sponsors to connect more closely with investigators and other investigative site staff in a collaborative, secure, and efficient manner. One specific application of myClin is to set up and support Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) Communities.

Streamline and Accelerate Protocol Development

As a single and secure collaboration channel, the myClin platform can streamline and accelerate protocol development while keeping all parties in sync. On myClin, reviews occur in parallel with everybody seeing contributions from other team members. This dramatically shortens review cycles by allowing participants to work together and build a stronger consensus around the protocol.

White Papers

Modern and Real-World Study Oversight with myClin

This paper provides a modern definition of oversight and what it involves, and illustrates how the myClin platform builds a strong oversight directly within your study team communication and collaboration channels.

Clinical Trial Knowledge Platform - The Road To Compliance

Regulatory scrutiny in clinical research has intensified in recent years, and there are no signs that the intensity of the regulatory environment is abating.


Modern and Real-World Study Oversight with myClin

IT startup helps clinical trial ecosystem communicate

Taking the Clinical Trial into the Cloud: Implementing a Web-based Study Community Oriented to the Investigator Site

myClin offers virtual communities for sponsors, CROs, sites to stay connected during trials

Webinar: I'm the Millennial That Is Running Your Clinical Trial